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Life is Complicated, World Peace so Pretentious

People strive to do better, that is why motivation and inspiration books are so popular. How many of those books do you have that you have not finished? Well I said, "strive", I did not say become better. Hey, at least you get points for trying! People want to do better and some in bad relationships think the other person can change, or they just accept their conditions or abuses as they become use to them and choose to stay then in that case things may get worse because the other party think it is OK. However there are some people that are forced into relationships and conditions that they can’t get out in the environment that they can't control then they are the victim of a crime. How many wrong doing can a person do before you say that is enough? Nobody is perfect; however, if you going into a relationship thinking that the other person can change then you should just get out now and save your tears and sidestep some future miseries. Expecting change from the other person is like going against the law of physics. It is like telling the sun to revolve around the earth instead of the other way around, it could be done, but take a lot of work and energy. So you may just say, it can’t be done. By no mean am I saying that nobody can change. Some people may have some hardships that made them the way they are, so some can change and people can always pick up good habits if they work at it. That is why motivation books are still popular. Earth needs the sun and the sun does not need the earth, talking about self-centered right? It is as through the sun is asking to be the center of attention here. Does that remind you of somebody? How dare the sun wanting to take the attention away from our beloved earth thinking it is more important. But in the sun case, it has a valid reason to think so and is so. Other planets in our solar system need our sun too, so it is more efficient for the small planets to revolve around the sun. Besides can you imagine a giant ball of fire like swinging around the planets with its heat? Ouch that could burn! This is true with all other solar systems in the universe. Sorry, the sun can’t revolve around the earth, but yes the world does not revolve around you. Life is hard since people can inflict pains on us, but we ourselves also the culprit of a lot of our pains and suffering with our self-judgments, habits and emotions. So the, “No the world does not resolve around you” attitude is healthier. Hey this attitude is fine with earth, I am sure it will work for you. The sun like other stars are some of the simplest creations in the universe yet they are the source energy for life in the universe and so can the black holes.... As complicated as we are, making us feel a little bit insignificant. May be people just make it so to oneself and to others. You hear many people uttered out, “I want world peace!”, so the next person that say it, you may think oh how cute, another pretentious person as you think world peace may not be achievable. But you are wrong, a less complicated world may just bring about world peace. Tiffany T. Quach 02/09/18

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