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The True Reason Why Happiness So Hard To Obtain

What do you want most in life? You properly say happiness like most people. Even if you think money, you actually still ultimately want happiness the most, because you think money will make you happier otherwise, why want it? There is no price on happiness even the poor can afford it, so it should be easy to obtain right? Why then it keeps on flirting with us, it seems to be in our reach, but poof it just disappears then lingers around as if to tease us and telling us, just look, but no touch. So beware don’t harass or happiness will put itself on the #MeToo list. It is like that expensive item that you really want, but can’t afford to have. By now you should ask yourself do you truly want happiness, because misery is your best friend. Misery loves company and you are always there for it. That makes life struggles your other half, just like a relationship it takes work. Happiness must then be the hot affair that you been fantasying, making it so elusive and attractive just like the universe. Well because they are related. Most everything in the universe has positive and negative, so within you, you have both. Basically you can’t have happiness without ever encounter misery. That is why it is hard for us to be happy and the reason why we tend to find things to make ourselves miserable as if we feel like we don’t deserve happiness even though we seek it. So next time you encounter true happiness, you may just want to say I deserve it. To make this short it is like the Ying & Yang…… Tiffany T. Quach 01/18/18

If You Know the Universe Language, You Can

If you know the universe language, you can communicate to all species in the universe. We can extend our hands in peace & love and you know often what the outcomes may be don’t you? Well if you don’t then you must be lying to yourself or as dumb as a brick (just kidding). Well don’t blame yourself, it is not your fault it must b e the universe's faults & flaws. As I said before in my TQinspire.com previous blogs, nothing is perfect. You can come close to perfection and make things work, but nothing is perfect. All intelligent species in the universe are created the same way as the humans with desires and wants and you know what that brings...... Tiffany T. Quach 01/11/18