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Future is bright, There are Unlimited Resources

In my previous blog, I mentioned that we are bringing up a generation with shrinking Amygdala, making them dumber. With awareness this does not have to the case. Well if you are offended by that, you can take the word “dumber “as meaning not as intelligent or just not being able to speak. The later can be very true and as for intelligent if you can’t function normally every day as an adult because the lack of certain connections in your brain or certain parts of the brain are underdeveloped then the first can also be true. That said, many autistic people (ASD) are very bright in certain area, but still need helps with life daily routine. Don’t mistaken ASD to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as they are like the opposite. ASD, autistic people tend to have an addiction to certain thing while ADHD people do not seem to be able to focus on any particular thing. Technologies overall are supposed to propel humans forward, but like everything new there is a learning curve as how best to use them. With so many interesting devices at your fingertips, multitasking has become popular. You may be watching TV, talking on your phone and emailing somebody on your laptop at the same time. Are you sure you are not ADHD (Just kidding)? See technologies can do some good as they had helped you learn to multitask and become more efficient. With so many stimulants, how can you ever be depressed right? Technologies make the world smaller by bringing people together at their finger tips, but they also isolate us as we become reliant on them more than on each other. Humans have been social creature so being with other people will help and taking fresh air and being with nature will help to lighten up a soul. As always there should always be regulations in all industries due to human exploitation trait. Yes humans can be cruel that is why there are social media bullying. If we are not careful, a society similar to “Brave New World” as in the book will be a reality where individuals’ future will be decided in the laboratory for their superior genetic designs. Farfetch? Well, I was fearful that our world would become like the book “1984” where big brother is watching and control all aspects of people’s lives even against their will then I have been experiencing this calamities myself for many years now. Any addiction is bad, not just with drugs. Have you seen toddlers that are addicted to smart devices? I had. These toddlers will cry up a storm if you don’t give them the devices or if you take them away. They became so addicted that they no longer care about the surrounding or want to interact with other people. Infants and toddlers brains are in development and if they are not wired to associate with people and not to read emotions, that part of their brains will more like not going to be fully develop. Just like how humans are no longer hairy like other apes, because humans can clothes ourselves. Loosing those furs is better for us as it is more hygienic, especially in hot months. It took me a lot of work to be able to turn a toddler that was not responsive to other humans’ interactions or look at people who seek his attention to now do so and to begin uttering out words as he had not spoken before. As always it is a lot less work and cost a lot less to work on prevention then trying to correct it later. Moderation is the key. Sound easy, but hard right as we can see with the far left and far right in politics. Sad, but moderation seems like rare species now a day (hahaha or should we weep). So get those devices off of those children hands; hit the gym and socialize to fire up those cobweb parts of your brain; get those clogged sweat gland sweating again so you don’t have to spend those saving that you do not have for care later. Oh, and don’t forget to do some joint exercises like yoga as flexibilities represent youth and vitalities. Sure you can have your protein shake to build muscles after your workout, but don’t overdo it. Shakes are no substitutes for real lean protein foods since real foods build jaw muscles as you chew. You can save some of those protein shakes for when you truly need them in your old age. Now you can see why Donald Trump like his mike shakes so much (just kidding). The future can be very bright…. There is almost unlimited energy in the universe for the humans to utilized, well okay kind of like unlimited if you count the black holes…. The universe may be grand to you, but it is not as big as you think…. Tiffany T. Quach 03/08/18

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