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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Your mouth and eyes must be wide opened anticipating some naughty stuff coming up, well then read on….Nowadays if you follow current events, you often run into articles talking about protectionism and diversity. People that think diversity is overrated are arguing against nature, because diversity is strength and that is what evolution has been doing. At the being of time asexual species, species that don’t need a partner to reproduce offspring were more abundance, but as time passed these species were replaced by sexual species, species that need the opposite sex to reproduce. This is evolution at work knowing that sexual species will thrive better, become stronger and more advance and dominant since combined, they have a larger strong gene pool to pass on to their offspring. Thus sexual species also have a better chance to survive from diseases and other environment factors. As a result we see single cells prokaryotes species developed into so many different species on earth from birds, fish, insects to mammals including humans. Humans have become the most dominant species on earth thus often time people think human race are indestructible no matter what they do to the environment. On the contrary, the lost in diversity will bring humans closer to extinction, because humans need this diversity ecosystem to survive. Human diversity is also strength if it is not, evolution would have already made everybody the same. Can you imagine looking at yourself every time you look at another person? Not that any race is smarter than other, but every race has their own strength. Can you imagine a bunch of white people working and toiling in the field all day or work in toxic environment and factories; we have the third world countries to do that so why is Donald Trump trying to bring back those industries that use to cause lung cancers, tuberculosis and etc in the first place. Evolution usually doesn’t move backward unless something is wrong. Still not convince how important your private parts are besides for the use of pleasure all the time and just be used a couple of times in your lifetime for offspring. Well most people think that aging is the result of the bones, heart and brain decline all in themselves, but they are wrong. Aging come in part mostly first because of your private parts. The reproductive parts are in decline which result in the decline of everything else that follows in your body. Estrogen, testosterone and other hormones that produce by the reproductive systems are important for overall health of the body, including bones, heart and brain. As these hormones help regulate the level of HDL, LDL and fat storage that effect blood pressure, cardiovascular health, cognitive health, bone density and energy. That is why people health decline rapidly after middle age. So take care of your private parts and be careful where you stick it (hahaha). But seriously female should keep your private part clean and for male keep your groin dry. Also try to keep your body less acidic with foods like vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. Don’t forget that both female and male private parts still produce hormones throughout life no matter how old you are. So you can do pelvic exercise to help strengthen and increase blood flow to the area. Pelvic exercise like squeezing your pelvic and hold for a few seconds then let it go. You can also massage the areas to help with blood circulation to keep the cells there healthy. I mean massage the pelvic and the surrounding area, I am not saying to masturbate. This is an informative, scientific clean and pure article OK? Anyway, with humans greatest gift, our intelligence, we can marvel at the current technologies like the smart devices and excitedly anticipate for what soon to come with biotech that can increase human longevity and robotic to make us superhuman. With human egos we think we are indestructible and are blinded to the side effects of our developments as we can see with the current state of the environment and how it had made human physically weaker, created many new diseases like diabetes, cancers, obesity and etc that once humans did not have. Humans are at the threshold, so we need to apply new technologies with ethic and wisely, because reversing the damages are harder as they said preventive care is a lot easier than curing the disease. And in the end, realistically if there are mass catastrophic events, the mix race people are properly more likely to survive if there is to be any survival left… Tiffany Quach 07/27/18

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