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Tiffany T. Quach Beautify Basket
Tiffany T. Quach Beautify Basket

Beautiful gift basket that works to beautify all skin types. 12 oz of Radiance works to remove blemishes like sun and aging spots and works to clear skin from acne and related skin problems. 6 oz of Glow moisturizer works wonderfully on skin. You can really feel the different after applying. It soften skin and help to minimize and prevent fine lines. Feels great on skin! The two works great together since you should apply nourishing moisturizer after using Radiance.
I use these products and love them so I gave my sister-in-law Glow and she love it and is asking for Radiance . I made this basket and other for my nieces and will offer it to my nephew as gift for the holiday. Now I am offering it to you at a discount at $75 from regular price of $95.

Radiance works! It may not take all the blemishes out, but it will surely take some out. I find that blemishes is one of the hardest thing to get rid of, so I am glad to share this with you since everybody have this problem after hitting puberty! The blemishes from aging skin, pimples or the sun! This product is great for people with acne problem. Witch Hazel is a natural plant that decrease inflammation and acne like skin help to vanish acne. It helps to get rid of the dirt and death cells so new and healthy cells can surface.
How to apply: I would use it once or a couple of times a week depending how much you need it, but not every day since it will take some of the death cells and dirt off then you need to give the skin some time to regenerate new healthy cells. Just wet a cotton pad with Radiance then gently wipe the skin with it. If you use this product, use sunscreen, wear sun protective wear for your face if you are outdoors that day or limit sun exposure for that week for best result! After each use, I recommend you to apply moisturizer to your skin.

Glow is a rich, nutritious and non-oily for all skin type. You only need about a finger tip amount to satisfy your face every day! This is my daily facial lotion choice. If I am going for a hike, I will top it off with some sunscreen lotion. Glow quenches skin's thirst, rehydrates and rejuvenate skin! It is especially made to help prevent & minimize fine lines. It truly feels yummy and wonderful on the skin. Glow, contains Rooibos, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, MSA, rose, pomegranate extracts to produce the ultimate moisturizer that make your skin more youthful.

Unlike many cosmetic companies Tiffany T. Quach beauty line of products are produced with care at a FDA Registered, a USDA Organic Certified company and manufacturing under the highest standards of quality control, in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We use organic, natural and nontoxic ingredients. The products are not tested on animals, but we tested the products to make sure that they are in our satisfaction and that they will have long shelf lives.

(You will love the product! 30 days money back guarantee exclude shipping!)

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