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I. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

("User" and "You") are referred to all of our members, customers, anyone that is using our Web sites including, but not limited to or any one that utilizes any of our services and products. Before any user can use TQ Inspire Inc.'s services, products, make purchases on use our Web site or our Web sites, user must read and accept all the terms and agreements in this document (article). is a TQ Inspire Inc.'s Web site, includes the following services and products, but not limited to: social networking features; sharing; chatting; project management, health, wellness, beauty, online advertisements and contents. Content posted and share by users can be in form of, but not limited to: text, file, photo, video, items for sale, music and sound from various media that are uploaded by users, individuals or organizations that had agreed to abide to the terms and agreements in this article. Users are responsible for the content they uploaded and by using, indicate that users understand the copyright and patent laws; therefore TQ Inspire Inc., its officers, employees, affiliates, agents, successors, subsidiaries and partners (going forward to be refer to as "we", "our" and "us") are not responsible or liable for the contents uploaded by the users. We are not obligated, but may screen the contents and at our own discretion can delete the contents or ban any user any time if we find the contents posted is offensive or for any other reason. Terms and agreements in this article will govern the usage of all TQ Inspire Inc.'s Web sites, all our services, products and all Web sites we operate and they govern our business terms on Web sites with our business present. In addition to the terms and agreements in this article, each Web site, services or products may have their own terms and agreements that user must also read and agree with before user could use that Web site, services or products. All terms and agreements apply to all users internationally (the terms and agreements in this article is applicable worldwide). This article is effective immediately when our services, products and Web sites make available. We reserve the right to modify the terms and agreements any time, and it is the user responsibility to read the terms and agreements again for updates. All users old or new must read and agree to this article and need to continue checking back for updates. It is user responsibility to understand the wordings and terms of this article.

I. Consent & Conduct
a. User at your own discretion acknowledges that any content that are uploaded by user to the public can be copy and use by others. We will not be liable for any infringement, dispute, copyright or patent violation between users or other parties. By posting contents to our Web sites for public access, user is giving us and users permission to view, comment, use and forward user's materials free of charge.
b. User is not to post, provide or sell any offensive contents like: pornographies, harmful and obscene contents, inaccurate materials or misleading information. Contents uploaded by user are user sole responsibility. User agrees that user is not infringing on any entities or individuals materials or products and that user has the right or was given the permission to use, sell or has the license to the contents.
c. When user post contents in the public area, user is given us the non-exclusive right and loyalty-free to use the contents in any way worldwide. User holds the ownership to all contents user posted on our Web sites.
d. User is not to copy, sell, reproduced, redistribute or exploit the contents from our Web sites without written consent of the content providers.
e. Contents provided by the users may contain third parties' information and links, we hold no responsibility and not liable in any way for anything written, provided or offered by users or any third parties. User may come across contents posted by other users that may be offensive or inaccurate and acknowledges that we hold no liability, and we are not responsible for any damages or losses to user from the postings, the sales or the claims by other users and third parties.
f. We do not endorse the contents and opinions of the users unless we specifically stated otherwise. We reserve the right to ban user from posting contents to our Web sites any time due to infringement or inappropriate contents that go against the conduct of our Web sites.
g. User is not to transfer user's account to another person or entity without written consent from us.
h. User is not to abuse our Web sites and services through spam, illegal business practices, introduce viruses, disrupt our network or hurt our reputation in any way. User is not to use any robot or spider to access our Web sites.
i. We cannot guarantee the continuous security or up time of our Web sites and services due to any nature that is out of our control.
j. If user is under the age of 18, user needs to have an adult consent before making any purchases on our Web sites.
k. We strive to educate user on the level and details about our health and wellness products and services, but people are different in fitness level & in health condition, so user should consult with a physician prior to use the health and wellness products and services.

II. Privacy
a. We do not resell user's information. User's privacy is important to us, so any information user provides us like name, email address, phone number, address, age, sex and etc. may only be share among our sisters companies and affiliates. We may use cookies, gather user's buying patterns and we may compile user's usage patterns from our Web sites to work on future products/services that may be interested to user. We may send marketing materials, newsletters and updates to user. User has the right to opt-out of any materials we send to user.
b. User's postings, feedbacks and what user chooses to share on our Web sites will be made public. User has the option to post user's profile publicly or within user's group. As a user, user acknowledges that some of user's information will be made available to others where it is necessary to use the services.
c. We collect and store transactions from user for business record, to collect fees and to provide user with services. Applicable by law, we may have to provide law enforcement or government agencies user's information for any unlawful act by user or for any reason by law.
d. User's account is password protected. If user chooses to share it with other, any actions on user account is still user's responsibility.
e. We will try our best to protect user's privacy by using encryption and secure servers. However, we cannot guarantee the security of user's privacy at all time, because transmission online may be intercepted by third parties or by hackers.
f. We have no control over third parties' and other users' privacy policies, so when user deal with third parties and other users, user needs to understand and agrees to their privacy policies.

III. Fees
a. We charge fees for some of our services and for some of the membership rights. User agrees to pay for any fees that incur service fees. The fees listed on our Web site is in U.S dollars. All fees will be listed prior to the acceptance of services. All fees pay toward our services is not refundable unless specifically stated in writing prior user payment or agree upon by us. User agrees to pay the fees with valid payment method in the timely manner and any taxes that are applicable to the services. In any circumstance that we have to utilize collection agencies or legal services due to user nonpayment or dispute, user is responsible for the collection, legal and travels fees. If there is a dispute, user will discuss the dispute with us first before going to arbitration. The law of California will govern the arbitration in the United States and the United State Law will govern international arbitration.
b. We reserve the right to stop providing services to user any time due to misconduct or nonpayment to us, to other users or third parties.

IV. Indemnity
a. User indemnifies and holds us harmless from any damages, demand and disputes between user and other users or any third parties. User accepts all responsibilities and liabilities from user actions or inactions when using our services and Web sites. User is responsible for any legal and any other fees due to user unlawful actions or violation of copyrights, patents or infringements.


VI. Business Relationship
a. User acknowledges that by using our services and Web sites, does not bind us into any partnership, employment, joint venture, agent or franchise agreements between us and user. By using our services and Web sites, user is a user of our Web sites and services or a customer of our services and Web sites unless otherwise stated or agree by us.

VII. Report & Contact
If you need to report any violations or inappropriate acts of others or have questions about this article, please contact us at

Peace & Doomsday (UPDATED & ADD ON)

“Doomsday”, does that word trigger anything? At first it probably intrigues you a little, but then you quickly started to yawn or roll your eyes. You had heard it way too many times before, thinking so what. At this point hearing about another Donald Trump’s scandal or stories that show how divided the U.S. is may scare you more. As the leader of the world, the U.S. has a moral responsibility to keep peace in the world, but the U.S. has been increasingly divided, making people more uneasy. People are different, so in order to have peace, people have to compromise and agree. If one group is way on one end of the spectrum and the other group is way on the other end, it is harder to come together to compromise with such a distance in differences. If the U.S. democracy is on shaky ground, how is the U.S. to promote peace in the world? President Trump is thinking about cutting aides to some countries and I understand where he is coming from as you can also see it with his new tax plan and the programs he is cutting in the U.S. His new tax plan will benefit the wealthiest the most and some had not paid much tax (like you know who) and like many large very profitable corporations are doing right now with loopholes and this is not called welfare, but rather as an honorable deed. When the poor who truly need assistance, it is called welfare and it is shameful. With the poor those couple of hundred or thousand dollars means they don’t have to live in destitute and it helps provide safe places for their children. If only the wealthy and corporations are Robinhoods or at least like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Too bad they are taken right ladies? Currently corporations are not paying their tax rate but rather a lot lower and some very profitable ones paid non with loopholes and now with the new tax plan making their tax rate even a lot lower, now even more companies can pay zero or nearly zero in taxes since the loopholes are not being addressed much with the new plan. This will only make the wealthiest wealthier and will not help the economy since most of their money will not be spend like how most of the middle class and the poor would spend most of their money to drive demand which ultimately will create jobs. With all the conspiracy theories floating around about government mind control, may be they can use it on the wealthy to get them spend most of their excess money that they put in savings and for corporations to increase raise to the middle class and the poor to boost the economy (hahaha). But there is an easier and more sure-proof way to do this rather then mind control and that is with smart policies. The new tax plan and cuts reflect Trump’s personalities. Why? Well Trump has never been a very charitable person as you can see when he gobbled down fast foods and oh definitely with his milkshake. No seriously, as you can tell with his donations over his life time, but as a president it should be a different story. When the U.S. gives assistance to other countries to keep peace, it is not only like welfare for those countries, but also like welfare for all Americans as it buys all of us peace. You may say what, as you thought peace is free like love. Really? Forget about all the money you spend while raising your children and putting them through schools, but just consider all the time you spend with them that is money as time is money. Don’t worry, not all is lost, may be when you are old they will in turn take care of you or at least help you move to the assistance living home. Not fair right? No seriously, peace is expensive as we already know about human innate characters as I mentioned in my previous blogs, but don’t lose hope maybe it will be free someday just like love! This is also like when we pay China billions of dollars to give American a higher standard of living with goods being less expensive coming from there so Americans get more for their dollars or is it like slave labor (but at least we pay, hahaha). Don’t feel too bad thinking that Uncle Sam is subsidizing or giving you welfare for a higher standard of living, because it is your tax money actually. When does Donald Trump ever feel concern about other people money right? I am not saying that we should not relook at some of the things, but rather just be more mindful as how the decisions now will affect the U.S. in the future. There are too many differences and too many self-interests in the world to achieve world peace everywhere right now, but if the U.S. can be more in the center, we can continue to be the shining example of peace and prosperity. As for doomsday, it is inevitable just like you will age and die, but you have far more things to worry about like with the current condition in the U.S, in the world and with you right now. But don’t stress out as it will create more toxins in your body which will slow down the regeneration. This is why when you age, the decline come fast and rapid since your organs are not as productive in excreting waste and your body is not regenerating as fast as it should to replace the cells in your body. Exercise & fiber can help to excrete some toxins and slow the aging process. Hey if you still pessimistic just think maybe when you are in need of better working organs, by then science may be able to give you new ones….The earth accumulates waste more than it should because of the humans, leading to its decline and among other things doomsday is inevitable, but it can be prolonged with help….. Tiffany Quach 04/19/18

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