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Life-Misery, Joy, Pain & Growth

Life-Misery, Joy, Pain & Growth Life, the journey of love, hate, misery, happiness, betrayal, resentful, vengeance, sadness, joy, pain, regret, grief, contentment, forgiveness & growth. Doesn’t it sound like a soap opera and it sure could make for a good movie since it touches all of us. If you look at the words above life seems to be a pain right? But all and all most of us want to live because for the most part love triumphs all the miseries in life follow with contentment, forgiveness and growth. So no that giant mansion will not bring you true happiness. So no wonder tiny homes are getting more popular now a day, could it be because the United States has a spiritual awakening? Who am I kidding; the United States Christian leaders are living in their big mansions and flying in their large private jets are breaching wealth and materialism as God’s way. The cost of living is driving Americans to downside increasing tiny house popularity. So imagine when the Trump Administration goes all out on trade war, your tiny house will be like a mansion and you may want to start moving to a storage shed because of inflation. Can you tell me how many real joy moments you had in your life and no sexual pleasure does not count as it is only temporary and artificial as you can see the many divorces and infidelities we have in the world. Are you happy or content? The joy I am talking about is when you graduated, when you got married, when you got the promotion and when you first saw your newborn. How many joys can you count on your fingers? So can you image if somebody takes your child away from you? With so much public outcry, no wonder the Trump administration will stop separating the children from their parents? Most of life moments are struggling like to pass the exams, to make ends meet, beating deadlines, time, fixing something and raising the children. Then come when you think you deserve a good break after the children finished college, you have to worry about your elderly parents. We are stressed out most of our lives which causes some of us to overeat. There are little things that we can do to improve our well being that does not even take that much time in our busy schedule and one of those things is taking just 5 minutes twice a day to meditate. You can meditate in the morning, during break or at night before bed. Some university research found that some part of the brain can grow with meditation and that is a great way to combat aging as our brains shrink as we age. May be your bundle of joy will be smarter than you if you start him/her on meditation early in life. Meditation gives you the “me time” to heal as it helps you focus your energy to the body so it can heal instead of having the energy scatters out doing tasks. Therefore, meditation could reduce inflammation which is one of the death components and it could also relief stress that can cause diseases. If you are depressed, just think of unicorn, field of flowers and waterfall during your meditation instead of focusing on what is depressing you, promise I won’t tell anyone. But whose know unicorn could exist somewhere in the universe if the universe really want it to exist so no you are not crazy for thinking unicorn. I am pretty sure you have 10 minutes a day to spare, because you have that half an hour for makeup or shave. If you don’t have 10 minutes to spare, you can go all natural without makeup or grow a beard. I heard beard is popular now a day. So give meditation a try, it should work since humans are live and learn creatures even more so than live to learn and meditation has been around for 3500 years, enough times for trial and error and is still in practice today. If you are one of those people that can seem to stop eating because you are stressed out, that is ok, I give you the permission to eat even more so at the end of your meal just have some fruits. Fruits have the fibers and enzymes like protease that will help you digest your foods so you don’t gain as much weight and clot up your arteries and they also help fight off inflammation. So watch those swollen feet, because it may not be that you are fat, but rather you may have kidney disease or heart problems, check with your doctor. If you take care of yourself now, your bundle of joy will have less pain in taking care of you in your later years in the reverse role. Don’t make the decision now to end your life if you have dementia in the future, because no matter what condition you are in, you will be able to feel love as you have a soul and with that you may want to stay and no caretaker (guidance) should be able to end your life without your permission as he/she could with the current law. The universe is a living entity and you are living in the universe so you have a soul. You to the universe is like those trillions of microbes living in your body, good, bad or necessary to the universe…humm…(just kidding). There is a soul and yes I saw it. As a caretaker it is stressful and hard, but one should always consult with other family members as how more help can be provided as a lost of a love one is a loss of love and that in itself is very painful especial for those that are not yet ready to let go! So live your best life not so much live and learn, but rather live to learn so there will be less painful moments! Tiffany T. Quach 06/21/18

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