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Watch--Delicious Fried Chicken without the Oil (with humors)

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Diversity is strength that is why inbreeding is detrimental to the species. So next time you see somebody that is different than you or even different plants and animals just think, hey he/she/it is contributing to the diversity pool and is helping my chance of survival in this ecosystem. This is why Hispanics in the United States can live longer than whites although on average Hispanics are poorer, less educated, have less access to healthcare and healthcare materials and may not spend as much on more nutritional foods. However, due to their genetic diversity between Europeans and Native Indians, Hispanics on average have higher life expectancy than whites. We can also see Neanderthals added positive attributes to humans. It is always wonderful to see the United States captured the most gold medals in the Olympics. The United States is like a freak of nature as if it is doing its own genetic selection, because it always attracts the strong, the brave, the hard working, the intelligent and the optimistic. Regardless, we all have our weaknesses, but it does not mean that we can’t improve on them. More on these topics next week in my blog, so don’t forget to login to your account to read about them. (Hahaha, but no seriously!)--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back often for inspiration.)

"LOVE and the concepts of love have been around since the beginning of time, but make ever more popular in this day and age through social medial, the instant world communication vehicle. You are very likely to run into a topic about love today online and if you have not already, here it is. So what is love to you? Love is what makes the world go around, so you may say love is eternal. Then you may ask why is it then that humans so often fall out of love? Don’t let this deter you from loving since love will make you happier and that can make you healthier. Now look at your dog, cat or whatever pet you may have then look at your boyfriend or your other half however you call that person then think who are you more likely going to be around with 'Till Death Do Us Part'. Love is very chemicals, because existence is created from the start with chemicals. So you may ask why is love then eternal? Love is eternal is because there is a need for it. Don’t forget to login to your account next week to read more on this with humors.--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back often for inspiration)

"To most people these showers are beautiful and spectacles to be viewed like entertainment, but as they say, "Don't judge a book by its cover". There are more to meteor showers than meets the eye. As social media has inadvertently created an obsessed society that has the urge to post selfies every day, people must be more consumed now than ever on the outer appearances. As gosh know when you going to be snapping a photo and then click post. We all age and the outer appearances will fade, so you would be happier to concentrate on what is in your and others insides rather than on the outsides. By doing this, you will also inadvertently can slow your aging process. I warned you about problems with mobile phone usage before Pokemon Go takes the world center stage! So be more careful where you walk and point the phone. Are you a flock or an individual? So stop looking at your phone for some moments and enjoy the night sky today with the meteor shower! Don’t forget to login to your account next week to read more on this and about the invaluable meteor showers, energy, aging and in being the best. It will be inspirational, enlightening and humorous!"--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back for inspiration.)

"Sensors Have all the noises from the United States presidential election drown you out and making you feeling insignificant lately? Well don’t be, you have contributed to some of the best technologies today. You like other people have 5 senses, they are powerful that is why technology like sensors have help humanity increase efficiency, improve health, transportation, communication, advanced information technologies and much more. Sensor technologies have been around for quite a while, but only now could you truly call today the era of sensors. Sensor technologies play part in almost everybody life today and it will dramatically continue to influence our ways of life ever more so personally. Sensor industry can continue to contribute greatly to humanity, but if not careful sensors could be dangerous to humans. Sensors can also take data to a new level, but it can also cause paralysis in information overload among other things. Sensor technologies like other technologies have been helping us greatly, but one thing that can do more than all these great technologies in regard to health is the environment. When the environment is unhealthy, there will be more diseases and new one will be created. The degradation of the environment in regions likes Africa sees more diseases. This is why is focusing not only in health, fitness but also sustainability. Nature is the best cure for almost all diseases. So sniff away, if you smell something odd on you or somebody, there may be some imbalances in the body, illness or disease. Of course, this does not mean to tell you to go out and judge people by sniffing them, you are not a dog. Let talk more about your 6th sense and more advance sensors in my next week blog. So don’t forget to login to your free account to read more on this next week for inspiration, enlightenment and humors!"--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"Miracle Products “Nobody knows the system better than I, which is why I alone can fix it”. Does that sound familiar to you? No, it is not from some over promised product commercials. It recently came out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Not trying to criticize him here, but if you really want to be successful, you need to be a good salesman. This is how companies able to keep on making killing profits in selling you over promised miracle products that do not live up to their promises, but you keep on buying them anyway. Although I may know a lot about the universe, like for certain that things in black holes can be utilized while all scientists on earth concluded that they cannot and that they are gone forever. Even so never in my life do I think I know more than everybody about anything. (Hahaha, but no seriously!) It is one thing to think you know your body and conditions better than anyone, but to say you know the system better than everybody when you have zero experience working in government is just what excellent salesman can do and could convince a lot of people that it is true and believe in him. This is why he is a billionaire and most of us are not. Doctors and nurses should listen more to their patients especially in critical moments. It is wise to take commercials with a grain of salt, but if your body is telling you something, you know that it is most likely very true and you should act on it. Don’t forget to login to your free account to read more on this next week in my blog for more inspiration, enlightenment and humors! --Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiration & enlightenment!)

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