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Be honest, how often do you lie to yourself? As if it is not bad enough a study by Robert Feldman at Massachusetts University showed that 60% of the people tell an average 2-3 lies in a 10 minutes conversation, we actually often deceive ourselves as well. This is a confusing world isn’t it? If you doubt otherwise, look at how popular Donald Trump is in this presidential election. We are all liars, but we always sound off on politicians as a punch of liars. In being nice, I am pretty sure most of us tell white lies before so that the other people do not get hurt. Oh so unselfish of us to forgo our integrity, but nonetheless we are liars. Now let talk about self-deception, the lies that we tell ourselves. Like all those times that you make yourself think how horrible things really are, but they are not like the way you look, the clothes you were wearing to those parties and how unattractive, overweight or old you look. Oh, yes and like how horrible and disastrous the United States is right now as Donald Trump put it. There are people in bad relationships and lie to themselves that it will get better, but as time passed, it just doesn’t. Eventually 50% of marriages end in divorce. So for Hillary Clinton still marrying to Bill Clinton may make you think maybe she has been deceiving herself or you can look at it in that may be she has a big heart and had forgiven Bill and kept the family together. Surely, she does not need Bill long ago career wise. I am not sure if I would be strong enough or have a big enough heart to forgive my spouse if he cheats on me multiple times. Looking at some of the people that had forgiven their spouses and kept their families together, I am sure glad that they have big enough hearts to forgive because seeing the families together is all worth it. This is not telling you to condone abuse and not seek help if you are in a bad situation. Self-deception can sometimes be beneficial to self like when someone thinks that they are more intelligent or better than they actually are will give them more courage and confidence to put on those seminars and better able to convince people to trust them to give them businesses. Donald Trump is the master of deceit that is why with four bankruptcies and a lot of financial problems able to convince more investors to invest in new projects and his businesses. Not only Trump an excellent liar that able to fool others, but he is actually able to fool himself. Poor Trump, all these years, with money, he had thought he had large and powerful hands that can go anywhere on women. To Trump it was O.K until all of the certain the media and people telling him repeatedly that his hands are in fact small and that money and influence does not mean you have power over women. No seriously, Trump may be lying to you or to himself on how corrupt the United States national politics are and that he could fix it, but in fact by what Trump wants to do and say, Trump will be the most corrupt president in the United States history if he ever get there and if he is not careful he will be a racketeer president. At one point I was actually thought maybe Trump will make Washington DC better, but then I woke up! It is good to have imagination that is grounded in reality and truths, but it is another thing when one is living in a fantasy that it is not real and dealing with a complicated world and not Hollywood! Talk about corruptions, Russians and Eastern Europeans would look at the United States democracy with envy. Eastern Europe living standard and economy have risen dramatically after they broke free from the Soviet Union communist to become democratic. In fact Russia likewise, but it is still new at democracy. On a more personal note, don’t deceive yourself that you are too manly to take your doctor advice to lose that extra 30 pounds, quit smoking or whatever it is to prevent problems. Or that it is cute to juggle your excess in your other half face as cute as an excuse to not take your doctor advice. In seriousness if you face your problems head on you will be better off later. But if you can deceive yourself a little in how beautiful you are that is O.K, because boy we always have things throwing in our faces telling us what we are not as if we do not have enough self-doubt and Self-deprecation. Don’t forget to log into your www.TQinspire.com to read more on these topics in my next week blog.--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back often for inspiration.)

"Universe Peace Some times when I thought badly about Donald Trump, I feel kind of mean even though they are true! Then again, I would think to myself, Trump does not really have that much power right now, but he already abusing it on people he thinks are powerless under his position and money. Can you imagine what Trump would be like when he is in the most powerful position of in the world as the United States president? Not only will he be grabbing “p...ssy” left and right, but he will be grabbing and yanking “d…ck” too. Ouch now right men? No seriously, Trump should have seek help a long time ago, but being so selfish and self-absorbed, Trump does not think it is a problem that is why he thinks it is O.K and feel proud about not having to contribute to the nation with tax for police, military and national infrastructures for over 20 years and hardly given any money to charity even though he said he is a billionaire. To Trump it is O.K to step on the little guys to get where he is all through his life, because they are beneath him like his contractors and employees that he put out of business and did not pay; however, it is O.K to admire powerful people like Vladimir Putin and North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un regardless of characters because they are powerful! This is one of the reason why he threaten to jail Hillary Clinton if his he becomes president, just like what many third world leaders would do, yeah here come America Russia. We definitely don’t want cat calling and groping begin make popular in our streets as through it is cool. We don’t need more girls being dramatized and have anxiety disorders. Humans are special because of our brains, minds and hands and men with their testosterone that make them stronger to protect women and hunt especially in the prehistoric human era. Women are blessed with estrogen so we can care and produce new generation and surely not for unwanted groping. Now that we don’t need some of testosterone for hunting and gathering, some men may misplace the excess elsewhere, so if you ever feel the urge of misplacing your testosterone, humans are blessed with the very gifted hands, so instead of reaching those hands at others people, you can use it on yourself that will keep you out of trouble. That is a word of advice, so please carry it with you always; it is a courtesy to humanity! No seriously there could be so much more life in this universe, but as we can see we can hardly keep our hands to ourselves, creating close neighbors in the universe can be detrimental to the universe peace. Now you know one of the reason why the universe is the way it is. Star Wars as a reality could be exciting, but with nuclear weapons pointing everywhere in the universe would hardly seem appealing. That is why we have Hollywood right? We will soon embark on space colonization so imagine what we could do to our civilized space neighbors if they are closed by! Don’t forget to log into your free www.TQinspire.com next week for my blog more on these with humors.--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back often for inspiration)

"Dream big, dream of the impossible! Some scientists and their research recently concluded that the universe has no direction and that everywhere you are, they are all the same. It is absolutely not true. If you start at the origin of the universe or at any point in the universe for that matter, you can go left, right, up and down, so that means the universe has directions. If it is true that if you pick any one point in the universe they are all the same then if you dread going to your in-law, just think that it doesn’t matter where you end up, it is all the same as earth is a small part of the universe so that means you will end up shopping or seating at your friend’s house having a ball drinking beers and can scratch at your crotch all day is you want. No but seriously, the universe is very diverse just like here on earth. Look how many species we have on earth. Diversity with unity is strength as we can see this in nations. If the universe is the same everywhere, humans should be able to detect plenty of water planets by now, but we have not and had concluded that water planets are hard to come by, but in true, water and oxygen are not hard to create. On that note, Elon Musk goal is to have a colony on Mars and to have the mission start around 2020; this would be very hard since it is extremely hard for humans to create a rich oxygen atmosphere and water on Mars. We can see how hard it is for humans here on earth with drought and earth is a water world. The transportation from Earth to Mars will also be extremely challenging. Gung ho to Musk through for dreaming big and dreaming of the almost impossible, it is what makes humans great and different from other species on earth. Who knows with help Musk can make it a reality. So if your adult kids acting too much like they are still in their Disney age when they should have out grown it long ago, don’t worry too much and lose sleep over it; who knows, he or she may become another billionaire like Elon Musk and others. Now you can have more sound sleeps as it is so vital to health since sleep is the most important time in the day for your body to heal itself. As we age, we sleep less as through we are racing to the sunset and for what, the price to heaven? After we hit the hill our decline drastically speed up and we are the one who is helping to push the wagon as we sleep less and less and increasingly become more inactive. Tune back next week for more on these topics in my blog. So don’t forget to login to your free TQinspire.com account next week to read more on these with humors."--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back for inspiration.)

"The Land of the Brave & Free! I bet you can’t wait for this presidential election to be over. So do I. The truth is I rather not be political period, it is a waste of my time and energy because I gain nothing from it, and it is a headache and besides it is already hard enough to run a business & put foods on the table. I was for the Republican and also for the Democrat before, because I think it as being smart to choose the best candidate rather than choosing a party. I usually don’t really care too much about politics until something is pretty bad going on. This election is serious, but with the situation it is in, it is best that you also take it with a sense of humors in that way it will decrease your anxiety which will do you a world of good mentally & physically. You can see how I have taken these political topics with a sense of humors in my blogs & videos. I mentioned before, don’t waste your money on psychics as they can’t tell you your future. They only drawn up a conclusion base on your demeanor and the facts you had given them. If it is for fun and if it makes you feel better to see a psychic and pay them a little money that is O.K since psychic practice is not illegal in the U.S. But there were cases where individuals foolishly paid in hundreds of thousands of dollars and operations that racked up in hundreds of millions of dollars that were when the law enforcement stepped in and considered these psychics as scammers. So don’t go to a psychic to predict the election, but you can depend on the survey data from various reputable companies made available online for free as it is almost the same model as knowing the future by following the timeline and its trajectory. With this model you can also tell that if Donald Trump gets elected as the president, the United States and the world will be more authoritarian rather than more democratic. As much as I don’t like my condition where my privacy and rights are violated to the bone, but Americans are still better off than most people in the world. With Trump, you don’t need a psychic to tell you lies and make you think that they are true, because Trump is doing that right now and he is not even president yet. 70%-80% of what Trump said are not true, but people take them as truths while I told the true in my blogs about him with humors, my websites and blogs got messed up many times. If he gets elected there goes the American freedom of speech. And oh yeah, there goes the land of the brave and free! Does that remind you of communist countries like North Korea and China that silent journalists and individuals if they say something against the parties? But Trump is so good at it like a snake oil salesman that he will not have to use labor-rehabilitation camps to reeducate people to make people think lies as truths and crush their beliefs. By the way labor-rehabilitation camps are not like fun camping that a lot of us love to do, they are hard labor camps and at time there will be physically tortures and many came out broken! With Trump as president, we will not need to join hands and sing kumbaya for peace. We will join hands and sing kumbaya for authoritarian!"--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

A pessimistic person is more likely to give up while an optimistic person will find ways to do better and that is called progress. That doesn’t mean that you should conquer the world, the universe and even make white people into slave. Could have done that, but why? Remember those dynasties and empires clans in history, although they have a lot of riches, power, but most were miserable. It is better to conquer you own mind, because it is more interesting and harder. Don’t believe me then count how many thoughts you have in a day. Better yet count how many feelings you have and try to make sense of it all. Not too easy is it, but don’t worry you are not alone because about 1 in 5 Americans have some mental illness each year. Kidding aside, the truth is that money and power don’t truly bring happiness. You have to find happiness within yourself. You only have finite amount of energy, why waist it on being pessimistic and miserable when you can use that energy to do something better. Being optimistic not only healthy for your brain and health, but it also helped human brains to grow. Don’t forget to log into your www.TQinspire.com account next week for more on these with humors.--Tiffany T. Quach(Don't forget to check back every day for inspiration & enlightenment!)

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