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Watch--Delicious Fried Chicken without the Oil (with humors)

A delicious recipe that will make your taste buds jump with joy & your skin will love your for it. With humors of the chicken & the egg! Don't forget to check out blog for this written recipe for more humors! Click here to go to the blog!

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"People may think that water is hard to come by so that may be the reason why life may be rare in the universe, but water in the universe can easily be created and are abundant. If the universe continues to cranks out stars, there will be no shortage of water that is a reason why a human body is 50-60% of water. If you ever feel that your body is kind of aches or certain part are a little bit swallow, you need to drink more water even through you feel like you have to much water since you are swallow and feel bloated. If you have this condition, you should check with your doctor, but your body may have too much salt. Salt is not readily available in the universe, so your body too don’t need a lot of them. You are designed to be efficient just like the universe. That is the reason why you coexist with other species like the 100 of trillions of microbes in your body that you need in order to survive. Besides those microbes, we also need the mitochondria, the one that we no longer consider as a microbial, but actual were but evolved to become our mitochondria. Each of your 37.2 trillion cells in your body has mitochondria. Without this primitive mitochondria microbe, the cells in your body can’t survive as they produce energy for every cell in your body to live. Water can help you excrete the excess dangerous salt. So my point is everything is very logical if you look at it more closely and that diversity is the key to survival just like your body has about 10,000 different kinds of microbes. I would still think the mitochondria in their own right still sort of a microbial, but it just so integrated into our cells that neither can survive without the other and since we are the dominant one, we consider it as part of our cell just like the Neanderthals and the humans intermixed, but only leave behind the more dominant human genes. You can bring this logic into voting. It is more dangerous just like with too much salt to vote base on name recognition or just because you belong to certain party. You should vote for who is more experienced and has the leadership to lead the city, state or the nation forward. If you want to go back to what was, you can call that extinction, because time move forward and not backward, what was great then is now obsolete like technology not unless you just want the world to pass you by. So being logical can lead to good choices as it is to losing weight and good skin by drinking enough water." Ha ha ha, but no seriously--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"In my recent blog I mentioned that I was on the diet that consists of only supplement liquid like Ensure or Osomolite 1 Cal and the like to understand how it affects people that can’t have solid foods or to those on it to lose weight. This diet can sustain you, but it is not healthy, not for an active lifestyle and it causes major constipation. It is okay if you have it as lunch a couple of time a week if you are busy. It is important that people on this diet have fresh vegetables and fruits as well even if it is in form of shakes. But hey constipation is better than diarrhea. With constipation, you most likely lack fiber in your diet, so all you most likely only need is more vegetables, fruits and water. With diarrhea, you know you have a serious problem and you should see a doctor. You can control constipation more, it just takes time, but you can’t really control diarrhea, it can comes any time and rather quickly. Does this remind you of Trump’s diarrhea mouth, a man that will have his fingers on the nuclear button and other important issues as such if he is to become president? You will have no time to stop what may come out of his mouths, because you just can’t control diarrhea." Ha ha ha, but no seriously--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"Are you unhappy or depressed? Well, you are not all to blame after all you have been waking up every morning with this presidential primary craziness for months with protests, unpopularity, vulgar and inexperienced candidates winning. No seriously, humans are flawed creatures so it only makes things worse if you judge yourself a little too much to an already stressed life. Can you imagine trillions of dollars every year going to schools, our retirement and monthly expenses and yes even free colleges for everybody can be a reality if we are perfect creatures and no longer need the army or the police. As the Serenity Prayer goes, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.” Well this means you may not be able to change everything in the way you look, but you can get fitter and healthier and while doing this, you may find yourself happier. Of course here we are not taking plastic surgery into consideration. We want to do things naturally, because it is healthier. There should be warning of addiction to plastic surgery once you start on that road. Have you seen one too many plastic surgery gone wrong? Don’t forget the word “Courage” in the prayer as human we can do amazing things, so if you want to pursue your interest or your dream, just do it. Don’t forget the word “Wisdom” so take calculated risks and also care not how other may judge you as you remember the great Galileo Galilei and many others that may not be as great! So at the end, you can say I lived my life!" Ha ha ha, but no seriously--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"Oftentimes we react to things when it is a little bit late. This is so true especially when we visit a doctor, because usually we will go to the doctor when we have a symptom of some sort so by then it is a lot harder to fix. If we work with what may cause the problems, we would be able to prevent it to begin with before the symptom occurs then it can save us and the healthcare system a lot of money. This is what TQinspire.com would like to do for you. Does this remind you of our war on terrorism? Right now we try to put out the fire on terrorism, so what we are doing is reacting. The question we should ask ourselves is that, “Why these people hate us that much to begin with?” If we can answer this question, we are on our way to winning the war on terrorism. We should be careful how we want to handle things, because we may create more terrorism not only from the Middle East, but also from the southern border. Mexico import the most from the U.S and ranks top 3rd as the country the United States exports most to today (ranking varies a little year to year). However we import more from Canada as Canada ranks 1st-3rd as the country we import most from, so should we put a border between Canada and the United States too in the name of Trade War? Trade war will increase inflation and reduce salary! Mexico of course can easily import more from China, South Korea or Germany instead. So I guess the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” may means a little bit more now ah (ha ha ha)?--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"I came across a post on the internet saying that since time can’t be shown then that means time can’t be proven, therefore it does not exist. Every time you open up that photo album, it proves that time exist as your time was captured in those photos. One day when you wake up and see wrinkles around your eyes, it proves the affect of time; therefore it exists. Sunrise & sunset also prove that time exists and I can go on and on with this. Time can also be somewhat manipulated, but that is a different story and maybe I will go into it some more someday, but my paintings also give clues to this. To most of us, time is scientifically proven to be real and all of us do not deny its existence. So let talk about something more elusive than time, the soul since I talked about it a little bit in my last blog, “Space, Existence & Life”. The mind as I had mentioned is a big part of the soul, but you can’t really show it like time and is even harder to prove, so let talk about the two things that can prove that the soul does exist. First, all humans have a little bit of telepathy ability that is why the world are humming in similar pace and you can see this by just looking at the technology and innovations. Second, the sperms & eggs are part of our souls that can create life, brand new human beings. Have you seen the sperms & the eggs? They look as elusive as they come for living things. A sperm or an egg only contains half of the DNA that the rest of cells in a human body have since a human needs both a sperm & an egg to create another human being. So this makes the term your “soul mate “ pretty true and you thought it was just a silly phrase that people use to romanticized and commercialize love, religious people use to scared you away from divorce or it may just scare you away from commitment. Although our DNA are almost exactly the same, they are uniquely ours, so a healthy, thin and beautiful individual can thanks his/her parents for it, but don’t be dishearten if you are not all that. With proper habits and healthy eating you may be able to correct some of what you are lack; it may just means you need to work a little bit harder. Besides beauty is more than skin deep! Choose your soul mate wisely since now you understand more what that term really mean! Ha ha ha, no seriously--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

“Believe in the impossible!” should be made as an American slogan like what the bald eagle meant to the United States. This will encourage more people to do so then there will be even more greatness & innovations in the United States. All the innovations that have brought us to the high standard of living and efficiency we see today came from a few that believe in the impossible & seek to understand the unknowns. No wonder Disney is so popular, but it magical effects just not strong enough to last a life time. So next time if you see a puddle & have an itch to jump into it, just do it! Who cares! However, please send me a photo so I can have a laugh, but I will not judge you as being childish. You may find yourself happier & healthy with less stress as it will bring a smile to your face & that is one of the best medicines!(ha ha ha, but no seriously)--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"Remember when Snow White sang and cleaned with her animal friends? How cute was that? Even till today I sometimes fantasize about cute wild animals gather around me like in Snow White. Many people love that scene, but as we grow up, we learn that we are more likely to attract unwanted things then what we wanted as a child, like wrong men, wrong friends, extra pounds, wrinkles, fleas, mites and what not. For those with bad skin, you may be attracting too many bacteria or mites. Things that can help with skin problems are: eat more alkaline foods like dark green vegetables; drink more water; have some vinegar in your foods; air out your room; dust a lot and try to wash your face at least 4 times a day if you don’t have makeup on like me on most days except when I do video or go to special occasions; otherwise, wash off your makeup right after you get home. Bacteria and mites like more acidic environment. Mites, bacteria and fleas are not what I really attract; the one that I attract is more toxic. There are like hundreds of airplanes and many cars surrounding my house 24 hours and every day and they also set up shops around here to do experiment on me. Having hundreds of strangers stocking you is already bad enough, but they each literally want a piece of me and this is the truth. My soul is never for sell or is for anybody to have. It is like your daughter or your sister has hundreds of strangers ganging up on her and each say, “Baby, I want a piece of you”! Let not go into other disturbing things that they have been doing to me. The byproducts from this are anxieties, fears and angers and this ugliness has resulted in Donald Trump rise. Many of them make me angry so you vote for Trump. This reminds me of Hitler rise to power, who also used fears and angers to rise and this is why I am so against Trump for president. Hitler used Jews as the target, now Trump is using Muslim & Hispanic. This also reminds me of the rise of communism. So do we not want freedom and democracy anymore? Should legal immigrants wear a letter “Legal” so they will not be targeted; otherwise, how will Trump know who to put away? It would take decades and billions of dollars to round up these people like animals and to separate parents and children are just evil! Trump may not be as bad as what he represents, but may as well! Sometimes bullying and being cunning work well for businesses, but it does not work well in government as we can see that it had created terrorism in the Middle East and all for oil! We also did bombing the shit out of them like with Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but it created even more terrorism like the ISIS and had caused taxpayer trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives and let not go into almost 600.000 of innocent civilians Iraqi & Afghanistan’s deaths, not factoring many more disable injuries. These wars that Trump was for and was also for the United States intervention in Libya, but now said he was not. It surprises me that many Americans just take so many of Trump’s lies as truths. If you look at the prisons across the United States, you know that sins and crimes have to be paid. Americans elected Barack Obama for president had helped Americans take one step forward in forgiveness in the blood of the Native Americans, the slaves and what not, now Americans taking a step backward with Trump and that is sad. The dinosaurs killed to eat, but humans kill to eat and then some. I voted for Republican before, but you can pay me a billion dollars to vote for Trump and I wouldn’t. O.K, O.K, you can pay me a trillion dollars and I would not take it and would not vote for Trump and this is in truth. Can you imagine what you can do for a billion or a trillion dollars? I could, and seriously and truthfully can create 3 more livable planets for humans to explore. So what can you do for a billion or trillion dollars? (ha ha ha, but no seriously)--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"Healthy young individuals usually feel like they are invincible in term of health. Many stay up late at night going out or partying like there is no tomorrow and eat whatever. Then in our 30s we start to see little lines on our faces so we begin to care a little bit and start trying some anti-aging products just to see. Now at least there a little bit more effort in thinking about our health, but there is less time for us, because we may have children to raise. But things did not hit home yet until we get to our 40s when we start to feel some discomfort in our bodies and feel signs of wear and tear. Only then we take a look at our health a little bit more seriously because the doctors told us too, so we begin to eat a little bit healthier and may do more exercise. By the time we are in our 50s and 60s, we may thought well at least I tried, but it seem to not make a big different so we learn to live with aging. When we are in our 70s and 80s, we feel like it was well tried and now we will try to live independently as long as we can. But do you know that in your early years up to your 20s when you feel invincible and not care, if you really take care of yourself then, you will age more comfortably and healthier in all the years after. Things just don’t break down overnight. It is just like the stage of the United States politics today which resulted from some of the decisions 20 years ago and even a lot longer than that in what we did in the Middle East that had created terrorism. So what you decide to do with your political rights today may come back and bite you 20 years from now. It is not like when you were young and wild and your rebellion ways is pretty much account for yourself like with your health and career, your political decisions today may warp into angry mobs like you see happening today. One example is violent may increase if a group of people are suppressed and people can do drastic things if they have no mean to put foods on the tables and roof over their heads. Although the United States is a capitalist society, it has some social responsibility toward its poor and the hopeful, you can call it kindness and this is one of the major things that have helped make United States great. It created a strong middle class; one of the major ingredients in creating a stable country and with this it also attracts talented people like Einstein and many like him and hard working individuals that help in all part of the society. Life is like lemon, but hey you can make lemonade with it, so it is not too bad right? Oh, you don’t like lemonade, how about lemon tarts or lemon cookies, surely everybody likes those! (ha ha ha) --Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

Oftentimes we reminiscence the good old days & complain about today & often we don’t know the value of what we have until we lost them. This is very humans that is why there are so many problems in the world. The majority people in the communist countries did not know that they will lose a lot of their freedom when they fought for communism & won. This reminds me of the freedom almost everybody in the United States are so lucky to have. So it is sad to see that more and more Americans are okay with letting their rights & privacy compromise because of fears and leaning toward the dictator style of government. Today United States democracy is no longer the same! Humans are brilliant species, but are also very flaws as you can see all the ugliness in the world. We all have some ugliness, but many more choose the light rather than the darkness that represents angers, fear, hatred that result from the sins committed to others or to us, because there is hope in humans and that is why there is also hope for humans. As we know too well this was how Hitler rose, he too start out innocent and run based on fear, anger, blame & hatreds then power hunger kick in and you know the rest of the story! If you run a country like a business, you know that it will lean more toward a dictator style of government, because businesses main concern is for profits and to monopolize as much as they could and not so much for the people. I just came to realized that I am so glad that I am a woman, because I think testosterone does play a role in power thirst. I could rule the whole universe including other worlds in the universe, but have no desire, so yes I have no desire to rule the United States or earth. I am so glad I don’t have a small brain to play around with my desires & actions. If you don’t know what I mean by the small brain, it means the penis. This may be why I am a female for this era where just nuclear bombs alone can devastate nations. The good old days can never be back and the world move on as time can never stand still. Technologies go obsolete, so will society that don’t adapt or move along with it. However, we can choose the light and always make better decisions to make things better. Time can be slow down, but you can’t stop time forever, because by doing so history cannot be made. The good news is,although you may not be able to slow down time, but you can correct some of the aging effects with healthy eating & exercise & you can also slow down your aging in the same way so in that way you kind of could slow down time ah? (Ha ha, but no seriously!)--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"Many people are complaining that the United States government is too big, but do you know that government jobs make up more than 1/5 of the work force. Shrinking of this sector may cost you your job since a lot of private businesses realize on government purchases. You may have less concern if you are in the private sector since the public employees are more like to voice the concern that the government is too big will also be more likely to be laid off. Look at yourself & see if you can be healthier if your waist shrink, if yes do that first, because it is easier to do than shrinking the government. This choice only affects oneself & not so many others. If you have the will, you can 100% lose weight with healthier diet & exercise. Creating a smaller government that does not cost taxpayer more money could only be done with efficiency. Before shrinking the public sector, the U.S has to think how employment in the private sector can increase to provide employment for these people even demand for their product & service by the government will decrease. Business may want to get more revenue from overseas from decrease in U.S revenue, but in order for them to do that, they have to move some operation overseas to produce products less expensively for poorer countries. Not unless you can magically come up with a new industry, be careful what you wish for just like with our government. I hope it will not get uglier! (ha ha ha)?--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

As I said God (universe) creations are never perfect. This is more so as a whole. If God (universe) creations are perfect, we would not have so many problems in the world. Balancing act is the hardest things to do. Don’t think so, then stand up and one leg & see how long you can do that for. Getting tire yet? Keep on going until I tell you to stop. It may be a couple of hours from now. Just kidding you can stop now! You can see these non-perfections in humans everywhere. Our technologies are never perfect, that is why there are always upgrades as through the quest for perfections had been ingrained in us from the start. We create technologies to help us to become more efficient, but the byproducts are toxins, environment destruction & global warming. Almost all human diseases and illnesses are caused by the imbalances in the bodies. Imbalances in our emotions also lead to bad decision making. It is too often a bad idea to follow the popular noble advice that we should make decisions base on our hearts, which is based on emotion. There are so many injustices, greed, exploitation and no short of the 7 deadly sins in the world, so humans’ emotions are complicated, so often time love, hope, angers, hate, fears, anxieties are all intertwined. If we look at the world today, may be it would be a lot better to tell people to make their decisions based on logic then we may have a lot less problems. Decisions based on love is a wonderful thing, but all the beauties in humans are convoluted with our ugliness, making decision base on love alone so much more difficult. Just like fire & light. People tend to associate fire as bad & light as good, but without fire, there is no light. The sun is a ball of fire that produces the light for earth. Everything in the universe was created from a great ball of fire like our sun from the start. We can first strive to be more perfect within ourselves, so with that let work on your physical balance first since that is the easiest. If you would try to stand on one foot for a couple of minutes and balance yourself a couple of times a day during work, you can lose weight, become healthier and lessen your chance of being immobile in your old age. If only the world problems can be easily solved as just that right?(ha ha!)--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

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