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Watch--What in Feng Shui, Superstitions & Health!(humorous)

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"As special as humans are, most are average, some are above average and very rare are there extraordinary human beings. Not only these extraordinary individuals possess gifted powers or talents, but they are courageous and strong. When people disbelieved in them, ostracized, labeled them as insane or prosecute them, they hold fast on their beliefs and truths. If these people had given up & followed the norm which is always the easy road to travel, we still would be thinking that the sun resolves around the earth and not the other way around, the truth which caused Galileo his house arrest. There would not have been any men set foot on the moon. Without this handful of extraordinary people throughout history further back than Jesus Christ to the being of humanity, we would still be in the Stone Age. Who knows you or your kids may be that extraordinary person with a new invention or findings that can propel humanity to greater height if you take the road less travel and believe in the impossible & not care what people may think, but that take courage & strength not just being gifted, lucky or blessed. Confusion is never good for the soul or for talent, because people can make you disbelieve in yourself and what may be possible for you even trying to achieve greatness. This also takes a lot of work & self determination, because emotion is hardest battle to conquer; especially, when you are at odds or you can be a couch potato it is much easier. (ha ha ha) --Tiffany T. Quach

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Nobody says life is easy that is why most individuals have to burn the midnight oil for 18 or more years studying for school & willing to be flat broke & in debt up to their necks after graduations then find jobs that barely pay and end up living with their parents. That doesn’t mean the struggles end, because then comes family. Life is not meant to be easy, so life is a continuous learning process from both the text books and life hard knocks. Choose to do something that you love; otherwise, it will be a life of misery. We sure want to decrease the 1 to 5 Americans have mental illness statistic and it can start with you! (ha ha!)--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"Does patriotic means being loyal to your political party no matter what? If you answer yes then your political party comes first before your family and your health, because if your marriage or diet plan doesn’t suit you, you more likely to end it. If your political party is full of lunacies, you would stick by it to the end. I wouldn’t call it country first, I call it stupidity. Not unless you are a politician, you have nothing to gain by doing this; it is like the lemmings, the rodents that jump off of cliffs in masses every year as though they are mass suicides. Politicians need to be associated to one party so they can be elected, but if they decide to continuously stay with their parties and agree to all the lunacies to stay in power, you have to wonder why you put them there in the first place. (I voted for Republicans before as well as for or Democrats. The parties don’t own me and that is the different between communism and democracy-- you always have a choice!) --Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

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Watch--The Best Chocolate Tart in the Universe (with humors)

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