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"Darwin's Theory of Evolution not only applies to biology, but it also applies to societies. Humans move toward what works for them so totalitarianism and absolute rule was necessary thousands of years ago due to the necessity of uniting small scattered human communities into larger and more powerful ones. Human resource is 2nd important to natural resource that started the agriculture and industrialized movements. People categorized themselves into different groups and with self interests causes conflicts and wars. World peace could only be obtained when the world see themselves as one people while continue to march on forward for individualism. Just like in health, we usually treat very specific condition with very specific method, but all parts of the human body work in harmony with one another. It can help improve our treatments and conditions if we can look more often at it as a whole and each relationship to one another. "--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"People view as through I am the key, but what key I have it doesn't matter & it is not for you. What is important is you holding the keys to your success. The three keys needed to become a very successful entrepreneur are ideas, funding and marketing, making innovations a little overrated in term of building billion dollars companies. Not that innovations are unimportant, but they take a lot of times to be adopted. Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Linkedin and even older companies like Google, Microsoft and many others, most of their technologies already existed when they were founded. It more how they are put together and with marketing and funding genius, voila the winning billion dollars companies. For ultimate health you too have to invest in it, may it be time or money."--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"Believing in God doesn't mean you have to discredit evolution. To create anything, there is a process involve and that in itself is evolution. From a blank canvas, comes a few strokes then to a final piece. A seed can grow to a giant redwood. From an egg and sperm to a human. We are made to believe that if any evolution to occur it must be early in a human creation like during pregnancy or infancy, but the fact is human evolution can occur at any age. Had proven it! In regard to health, through fitness, you can transform your body to a more desirer one."--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

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