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Watch--A Cup of Coffee & Let’s Talk (humorous)

Also check the blog on this video at the link below. It is a lot funnier, packed with more insights, knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. You don’t know what I had been through to bring you this, so don’t miss it and check the blog out!

Watch--The Best Chocolate Tart in the Universe (with humors)

For written recipes on these chocolate tarts & lots & lots more humors and tips. You will be glad that you visit my written blog on this recipe, because you will be laughing until you cry! Click here to go to the blog.

Watch--Be In Tune With The Universe & Lose Weight & Increase Energy

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"We use the word “soul” a lot and we think we know what it means, but not really sure what it is. Well the soul is the mind! (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"True happiness starts with liberty and justice which is the skeleton of happiness that enables an individual the freedom to pursue happiness. This statement too is being hijack and used too often without substance like Islam being hijack by the terrorists. One lady commented on one of my blog that she is a success because she is beautiful, marry to a wealthy man and that she doesn’t have to work too hard and that is fine. After you have the skeleton, each individual’s happiness can be different things, because people have different goals and aspirations. So a model may be happy with a different weight and lifestyle than that of a housewife."--Tiffany T. Quach (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

"A lot of times we take common things for granted. We are made to believe that math and science are more important than reading, but the fact is written texts are more important. But due to the needs of our times, science and math become more important to apply what we had learned before. Without written text, histories can’t be written down, therefore it would be a lot harder to pass on knowledge and that means science and math will be harder to apply. We start out in life being read to even before we could speak then we go on lugging the text books around for about another 16 years or more. Knowledge is expensive and more valuable than money, because without knowledge you can’t apply it to things and do what you do. It is even more important so for our mental health in later years, because when we stop learning and reading, we can expect our mental health will be on the decline fast. It helps to build brain muscles just like you do weights exercise to keep your bones healthy and to burn fat. (Don't forget to check back every day for inspiring quote.)

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